English Comments Are Welcome

Hello all,

based on the statistics on my blog, I can see that a lot of you are english speaking people.

Even if my blog is written in french, don't hesitate to put your comments in english. I have no problem with this language :-)

Kisses to everybody, and see you

12 décembre 2005


KC Zentai said...

so glad to see more zentai blog sites. i really enjoyed your blog. i wish you much success with it. i too have a zentai blog, http://kczentai.blogspot.com/
kc zentai

Davina said...

Hi KC Zentai. Thanks for the comments. I added a link to your Blog, maybe you can do the same for mine :-)

Thanks in advance,

KC Zentai said...

it's my pleasure to add a link to your blog. best of luck with your site.

Tom said...

great stuff!

come check us out here


Adam said...

Great stuff!

Come visit us here

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